The following support is provided with payment being made on the on the Entry page.

Note that information for the host hotel is provided on the accommodation page. Accommodations are booked individually by the rider directly with the hotel.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are available at the times provided on the Entry page. Note that there are separate training sessions available for sprint training, endurance training, and gate starts. There will also be a training session for track certification. Book your training sessions accordingly. Limited space is available for each training session.

The training sessions are 2 hours each.

The track protocol specified the race logistics section is for your safety and will be followed.


Rollers can be booked on a first come basis. There are a limited number of rollers for lease. The rental is for the duration of the training and racing sessions. See the details on the Entry page.


Commemorative clothing can be purchased at the Championship.


Transportation is available for riders, other persons, and equipment between the airport, the host hotel and the track.

  • Transportation to and from the Los Angeles airport (LAX) will be based on the arrival schedule of the riders. You must contact the transportation company to arrange this transportation a minimum of 10 days before your arrival. Please provide your name, number of persons in the party, airline including flight number, scheduled arrival time, and a cell phone number. Specify whether you are travelling from the airport to the track or the hotel.
  • There will not be event transportation available to and from other airports.
  • Transportation between the host hotel and the track will be on a published schedule. The host hotel that will have the transportation is: Doubletree Carson

Transportation is booked on the Entry page. In order to properly plan the transportation, it must be booked with your entry and cannot be booked when you arrive.

The contact information for the transportation personnel is: TBD

Infield Passes

Infield passes are available for support personnel (coaches, mechanics, etc). We discourage spectators, spouses, etc. from being in the infield, since this will cause crowding. The infield passes are valid for the duration of the practice and race sessions. Registered racers will receive rider credentials and separate infield passes are not required.

Security checks will be performed. Only riders and personnel with infield passes will be allowed in and out of the infield. Personnel without an infield pass or rider credentials will not be allowed into the infield.

Infield passes can be purchased on the Entry page.

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